FAQ EN What is hybrid television HbbTV?

HbbTV (hybrid television) is a combination of traditional television with internet services. When you enter a TV channel on which HbbTV services are available, the TV automatically launches the application that allows you to display additional content. This can be additional information or multimedia messages.

The presence of HbbTV services on a given TV program is usually signaled by a red dot in the corner of the screen. It is also customary to enter the HbbTV application using the red button on the remote control.

A special case is the so-called virtual channels, in which, after entering a given channel, the television automatically starts playing the program transmitted via the Internet.

To use hybrid television you need a TV set that supports HbbTV. It must also be connected to the Internet.

Detailed requirements for television receivers, including the HbbTV version, are specified in the “Regulation of the Minister of Digital Affairs of October 7, 2019 on technical and operational requirements for digital receivers”. (Journal of Laws 2019 item 2125)