8 March brings the launch of the first edition of the “Fair to Women” competition aimed at promoting the idea of equal treatment and opportunities for women in the Polish labour market and distinguishing employers who create the best working conditions for women. The project is organised by the Vox Feminae Foundation, who partnered with PwC Polska, Emitel S.A., ABSL, as well as Polish Press Agency and 300Gospodarka.

Equal pay, work-life balance programmes, women in managerial positions, as well as organisational culture fostering quality are some of the most important issues that the competition jury will take into consideration while choosing the winners.

Women are becoming increasingly important in politics and business, with more and more industries and positions opening up for them – One of the key examples is the recent presidential election in the United States, where for the first time in history, the seat of the Vice President went to a woman, Kamala Harris. In spite of that, women are still under-represented at top business positions, and the gender pay gap remains a significant issue. Of course, in some cases – in particular in technology and engineering companies – the particular nature of some jobs leads to a natural disproportion in the workforce. This is the case with our company, for example. This, however, does not change the fact that the problem exists and we need to support women in their pursuit of self-fulfilment, fostering diversity – hence the decision to support the Fair to Women competition” said Andrzej Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

“The situation in the labour market depends mainly on employers. That is why we are very keen to distinguish companies that do the most to create a friendly and equal working environment for women. In mature organisations, Diversity & Inclusion issues constitute an important part of the operational strategy. I hope that by promoting best practices in this area, we will contribute to increasing the importance of diversity in other companies as well,” says Katarzyna Komorowska, leader of People & Organization team and Partner at PwC.

“Our competition aims at distinguishing employers who ensure working conditions that enable women to be fulfilled professionally without giving up their family life,” says Monika Fill, president of the Vox Feminae Foundation.

The competition is open to medium and large-sized enterprises, which operate across all of Poland. The jury will evaluate any and all solutions that go beyond the employer’s obligations stemming from the existing laws and regulations. All companies that join the competition have to demonstrate that their activities are both regular and comprehensive in nature. The submitted applications will be evaluated and the winners will be selected by the competition jury, made up of representatives of the competition organiser and its partners, namely:

  • Katarzyna Komorowska, Katarzyna Komorowska, leader of People & Organization team and Partner at PwC
  • Andrzej Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of Emitel
  • Iwona Słończewska-Knap, Managing Director at ABSL
  • Dr Magdalena Butrymowicz, lawyer, legal counsel, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Family Law of the John Paul II University in Krakow
  • Monika Fill, President of the Management Board of the Vox Feminae Foundation

All employers who would like to participate in the competition should fill in and send the questionnaire available at by March 22 at the latest.

TVN S.A. and Emitel S.A. have started in Gdańsk testing the broadcasting of digital terrestrial television in the DVB-T2/HEVC standard. The tests will include broadcasting of TVN HD, TVN 7 HD, TTV HD, Metro TV HD and TVN Fabuła HD channels.

Currently, the test broadcasts of TVN HD, TVN 7 HD, TTV HD, Metro TV HD and TVN Fabuła HD channels are available in 5 Polish cities, namely Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Katowice, Łódź and Gdańsk. The aim of these tests is to verify the signal range and quality of TVN Discovery Group’s channels. It will also enable to verify whether the TV sets of viewers are adapted to the new broadcasting standard.

Starting up the transmitter in Gdańsk, we have expanded the range of the test broadcasting to five locations in the country. As a result, millions of viewers will be able to prepare to receive terrestrial television in the new DVB-T2/HEVC standard. We are currently preparing to run such tests in other cities,” said Dorota Żurkowska, Member of the Management Board of TVN S.A.

In the first half of 2022, terrestrial TV will be switched to the new, DVB-T2/HEVC standard. With the new terrestrial TV standard, broadcasters will benefit from new and better picture and sound quality, while broadcasters will be given the opportunity to develop their offer. It is also an opportunity for viewers to test their existing TV sets. We want to be well prepared for these activities, hence the joint tests with TVN S.A. – recently extended to Gdańsk,” said Andrzej Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

DVB-T2/HEVC is a technology that offers better efficiency in the use of the frequency band and therefore enables, among others, broadcasting of all digital terrestrial TV channels in HD. Successor to the DVB-T standard, it also creates the possibility of introducing new TV channels that would be available free of charge to all viewers. This standard is already being used in many European countries, and in Poland the change is planned for 2022.


In its 2020 Social Engagement Report engagement report, Emitel sums up the key events in the area of activities undertaken in the field of environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance, or ESG for short.

The report showcases last year’s key events, successes and challenges, which highlights Emitel’s commitment to the idea of social responsibility and its actual impact. Social responsibility is the foundation of an organisational culture that accounts for the expectations of employees and all stakeholder groups — this includes social partners, customers and vendors, as well as the environment — in developing and implementing Emitel’s strategy. At Emitel, we believe that this particular approach brings numerous benefits to the company and its immediate surroundings, leading to long-term growth and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life for all the people. This year’s edition of the report is more extensive than in previous years, since we decided to give a voice to our employees and to showcase the various aspects of the company’s operations from a broader perspective.

The pandemic had a huge impact on the economy and everyday life of all Poles. Thus, Emitel’s report will also include references to the actions we took last year in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. For the Polish authorities and institutions involved in the fight against the pandemic, television and radio are some of the key basic channels which enable communication with the society – for many Poles, including senior citizens in particular, it is often the only source of information.  Thus, it was a key priority for Emitel to ensure the continuity of broadcasting services while maintaining the highest safety standards, applicable to all employees and partners of the company.

“I strongly believe that corporate social responsibility is an excellent way to build the company’s value on the market, win customers’ trust, attract top talent and form valuable relationships with our immediate circles. The report confirms my words.  2020 was a special and exceptional year, marked by the ongoing pandemic and the tremendous efforts of doctors and health care professionals who were and still are on the front line of the fight for the health and lives of Poles. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts on behalf of Emitel staff and my own, and encourage all the Poles to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible,” said Andrzej J. Kozłowski – President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A

In June, the Rzeczpospolita daily named Emitel one of the ten key companies for the Polish economy. The list was prepared for the celebrations of the centenary of the Rzeczpospolita daily and the winners were selected by the committee of esteemed economists and market analysts.

The company also received 5 stars in global survey of social engagement and sustainability run by GRESB. The auditors praised the company’s environmental, social and corporate governance activities and performance. ESG activities carried out by Emitel were also appreciated last year by the Responsible Business Forum in its report entitled Odpowiedzialny biznes w Polsce. Dobre praktyki [Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices] – the largest review of activities in the area of responsible business.


TVN S.A. and Emitel S.A. commenced a stage of testing TV broadcasts as part of terrestrial digital television in the DVB-T2/HEVC standard. The tests will cover broadcasts by TVN HD, TVN 7 HD, TTV HD, Metro TV HD and TVN Fabuła HD – in four Polish towns.

The DVB-T2/HEVC is a technology offering more efficient frequency band use, and consequently enabling, among others, broadcasting all terrestrial digital television programs in HD quality. The successor to the DVB-T standard also provides a possibility to include new TV broadcasts, available to all viewers free of charge. This standard is already used in many European countries, whereas in Poland this shift is planned for 2022.

Test broadcasts are to verify the achieved ranges and quality of signal broadcast by TVN Grupa Discovery channels, and make it possible to check whether TV sets at viewers’ homes are adapted to the new broadcasting standard. Since January 26th, 2021, test broadcasts of the following channels: TVN HD, TVN 7 HD, TTV HD, Metro TV HD and TVN Fabuła HD have been available in 4 Polish cities (Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Katowice, Łódź). A value added for the viewers are also the tests of TVN Fabuła HD channel, which so far has been available only in satellite platform and in cable network.

“In the first half of 2022, we will commence the migration of terrestrial television to the new standard – DVB-T2/HEVC. The changes are related to the nationwide broadcasting infrastructure. Our facilities and systems installed there must be properly prepared so that, at the right time, it could be possible to switch both from DVB-T to DVB-T2 standard and from one frequency to another. We want to be well-prepared for this operation, hence the tests in collaboration with TVN S.A. Also the viewers will have an opportunity to test their TV sets ” – said Andrzej Kozłowski, President of the Board of Emitel S.A.

The prime objective of tests conducted by TVN and Emitel is to prepare the viewers for a change in the terrestrial television broadcasts, scheduled for 2022. We start from four locations, with millions of viewers within the broadcasting range, but as we obtain more and more permissions, we will work with Emitel to broaden the test broadcasts range. We want to prepare as best as possible for the upcoming changes, together with our technical operator ” – said Dorota Żurkowska, TVN S.A. Board Member

Up to now, terrestrial television throughout Europe used frequencies from the range of 470 – 790 MHz. Currently, the 700 MHz band is being freed up for the needs of construction of 5G network by mobile telephony operators, which requires reconstruction of the broadcasting network and switching terrestrial television channels to other frequencies. Poland will use this opportunity to change the broadcasting standard to DVB-T2/HEVC.
In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Digitalization on technical and operational requirements for digital receivers, in force as of December 1st, 2019, all digital TV sets launched on the market should be adapted to the new broadcasting standard.

Emitel has once again been granted the prestigious Top Employer Poland title. The company is one of 67 companies awarded by Top Employers Institute. The certificate obtained proves high commitment of Emitel to provision of attractive working environment, by implementing high standards in the field of HR management.

Implementation of high HR management standards, provision of friendly and attractive working environment and always putting the employees’ needs first – this is an approach which characterizes Emitel. The fact that the Company has once again been given the Top Employer Poland title proves best that the chosen direction of development, practices and HR standards is correct.

“Emitel is created by top specialists and people with passionate devotion to their work. This mixture of talent, commitment and passion is a true driving force behind Emitel. The Top Employer certificate confirms that Emitel offers working conditions typical of the best employers on the market.”– says Andrzej J. Kozłowski, Emitel’s Chairman of the Board.

Obtaining a certificate is preceded by a long validation process and requires meeting a number of conditions. A questionnaire survey covering key areas related to HR management is verified based on the evidence of existence of appropriate procedures, processes and practices. The whole certification process is concluded by an independent audit conducted by external auditors.

“Despite a difficult year we experienced, Emitel proved that they put the employees of their organization first. We are proud to present this year’s awards and we congratulate the organizations which obtained the certificates in their countries as part of the Top Employers Institute programme” – says David Plink, CEO of Top Employers Institute.

The Top Employer title is granted only to organizations whose offer for employees meets the highest international standards.  Top Employers Institute certifies organizations based on an assessment of a questionnaire covering best practices in the field of HR management. It encompasses 6 domains, including 20 topics, among others: HR strategy, working environment, talent sourcing, training and development, well-being, diversity and integration. As part of the programme, certificates and awards were granted to more than 1600 best employers in 120 countries/regions, on five continents.

About Top Employers Institute

Top Employers Institute is a global authority in the field of research on HR management practices. It helps optimize the best practices, enhancing the working environment. Thanks to the Top Employers Institute certification programme, organizations participating in the programme undergo validation, certification and are considered an employer of choice. Top Employers Institute was established 30 years ago and has certified more than 1 600 organizations in 120 countries. The certified Top Employers have a positive influence on the lives of more than 7 million employees worldwide.


Partnership within the LoRa Alliance® will allow Emitel to scale up and accelerate the implementation of IoT projects based on LoRaWAN® (Long Range Radio) technology. Working with the companies that make up the association will also help the Company to develop comprehensive solutions for Smart Cities.

For several years, Emitel has been developing throughout the country a network for IoT/SmartCity needs, on the basis of, among others, the LoRaWAN® technology. The low-energy long-range radio network allows effective transmission of data from sensors to the base station. Launching a LoRaWAN®-compliant network in a given area can be simpler and cheaper than using, for example, mobile networks, which enables faster deployment of services and solutions used by industry and local government, among others.

“Joining the LoRa Alliance® will allow us to implement solutions dedicated to our customers even more efficiently. With access to the latest information and standards, as well as through networking with members of the organisation, we hope, among others, to extend our range of on-line goods and services,” – said Andrzej J. Kozłowski – President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

The availability of LoRaWAN technology enables the development of services in the field of smart cities. It also offers an opportunity for local entrepreneurs, start-ups and larger companies to develop their solutions, particularly within urban agglomerations. Sensors connected to the base station form a network that can efficiently collect relevant data. This network can be used for control, for example to remotely read water, electricity or gas meters, use parking spaces, filling of urban waste bins, or for monitoring the environment, including air pollution parameters. Emitel successfully implemented first such projects in Wrocław and Piaseczno, among others.

About Emitel
Emitel S.A. is the most important operator of terrestrial broadcasting infrastructure in Poland. For over 50 years, we provide all Polish households with television signals. Emitel’s engineers are working on the digitisation of radio, further development of digital and hybrid television, designing and installing state-of-the-art wireless communication systems; they are also involved in works on the 5G network. The company is a pioneer in Poland in offering and implementing solutions from the field of Internet of things and Smart Cities. It leads innovative solutions projects in several Polish cities, thus creating a new business segment responding to the opportunities offered by the Innovative Economy 4.0 and the sharing economy.

About LoRa Alliance
Lora Alliance® ( is one of the fastest growing technology alliances. This non-profit association is formed by more than 500 member companies and engages in large-scale deployment of low-power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) for IoT by developing and promoting the open LoRaWAN® standard. Members benefit from an ecosystem of active colleagues offering solutions, products and services that create new and lasting business opportunities. Through standardisation and the accredited LoRa Alliance® certification system, it ensures interoperability needed to scale the LPPWA networks, thus making LoRaWAN® a leading solution for global LPWAN deployments.

Telewizja Puls – the third largest commercial television in Poland – and Emitel have entered into a new agreement on broadcasting the broadcaster’s programmes on the second multiplex of the terrestrial digital television. The agreement has been concluded for a period of 10 years and covers the broadcasts of TV Puls and PULS 2.

The agreement was signed in a breakthrough moment for terrestrial digital television. All over Europe, the process of transferring TV broadcasts to new bandwidth is now coming to an end. In Poland, this operation will be completed by mid-2022. At the same time, the broadcasting standard will be changed to the new, much more efficient DVB-T2/HEVC standard. The agreement concluded by the companies concerns broadcasting two nationwide channels of the broadcaster, and takes account of necessary technical modifications as part of the process of refarming the 700MHz band and switching to the new signal emission and encoding system.

Terrestrial television is a very important platform for distribution of our channels, and we do our best to provide our viewers with undisturbed, premium quality viewing experience said Dariusz Dąbski, President of the Board of Telewizja Puls.

Terrestrial Digital Television is a very popular platform to receive television in Poland, and viewers can watch 29 channels free of charge, including highly popular channels: TV Puls and PULS 2. A change in the broadcasting and encoding standard in terrestrial television will enable the broadcasters to develop their programme offer, and the viewers will be able to enjoy all broadcasts in HD.

“We are glad we have concluded a new agreement, and the prospect of cooperation for the decade to come is, in my opinion, a sign of our customer’s unwavering trust in Emitel. Terrestrial television in Poland has been and will be the leading platform for content distribution. A change in broadcasting standard in 2022 will significantly improve the quality of receipt of linear broadcasts, and thanks to the development of broadband Internet and HbbTV technology, broadcasters will be able to combine multimedia contents with TV broadcasts and offer the viewers interactive TV applications, additional contents and functions during live TV broadcasts” – said Andrzej J. Kozłowski, President of the Board of Emitel S.A.

Throughout Europe, terrestrial television used the frequency range of 470 – 790 MHz for broadcasts. In accordance with the European Commission Decision, all Member States must free up the 700 MHz for the needs of 5G network construction by mobile operators. This means it is necessary to reconstruct the broadcasting network and transfer terrestrial TV broadcasts in Poland to frequencies other than those currently used. In Poland, market regulatory authorities decided that the project be divided into stages and be completed in June, 2022. By that time, broadcasting standard will have been switched to DVB-T2 /HEVC. Compared to currently applied standard (DVB-T/MPEG-4), DVB-T2/HEVC enables more efficient use of the frequency and a significant improvement in the quality of terrestrial television channel broadcasts.


In November, 2020, TVN S.A. and Emitel entered into an agreement for distribution of broadcaster’s programs on the second multiplex (MUX-2) of Terrestrial Digital Television. The agreement covers TV broadcast service, but also a change in the broadcasting and encoding standard, as part of the 700MHz band refarming process. The agreement has been concluded for 10 years and covers the broadcasts of TVN and TVN7 television stations.

The agreement concluded by both companies concerns broadcasting two channels owned by TVN S.A. on MUX-2 and takes account of necessary changes in channels and standards of broadcasting and encoding on DVB-T2/HEVC, which are to take place in 2022. Conclusion of a new agreement means continued cooperation between TVN S.A. and Emitel. The previous agreement had been in force since 2010 and concerned second multiplex signal emission. Thanks to cooperation with Emitel, the broadcaster changed the broadcasting standard from analogue to digital and broadened the broadcasting range of the abovementioned two TVN channels in Poland.

10 years ago, we completed a project which was very important from the television market viewpoint, and consisted in migration from analogue to digital broadcasting. Every day, 24/7, regardless of weather conditions, our specialists care for maintaining continuity of broadcasts, thanks to which millions of viewers may enjoy popular TVN Grupa Discovery channels. Now, we face yet another challenge related to changes in channels throughout Poland and switching to the new DVB-T2/HEVC broadcasting standard. The project is very complex and calls for reconstruction of nearly the entire broadcasting network, following a very ambitious schedule. I am glad that TVN Grupa Discovery has entrusted this project to us. It was very important for us to continue cooperation on MUX-2 broadcasts – said Andrzej J. Kozłowski, President of the Board of Emitel S.A.

Terrestrial Digital Television is a very popular platform to receive television in Poland, and viewers can watch 29 channels free of charge. Throughout Europe, terrestrial television used the frequency range of 470 – 790 MHz for broadcasts. In accordance with the European Commission Decision, all Member States must free up the 700 MHz for the needs of 5G network construction by mobile operators. This means it is necessary to reconstruct the broadcasting network and transfer terrestrial TV broadcasts in Poland to frequencies other than those currently used. In Poland, market regulatory authorities decided that the project be divided into stages and be completed in June, 2022. By that time, broadcasting standard will have been switched to DVB-T2 /HEVC. Compared to currently applied standard (DVB-T/MPEG-4), DVB-T2/HEVC enables more efficient use of the frequency and a significant improvement in the quality of terrestrial television channel broadcasts.

Emitel has become a partner of the new edition of Zwolnieni z Teorii [Exempt from Theory] social olympics – the largest Polish project addressed to high school and University students. The participants will have to come up with a project to solve a local social issue, organize it in a team and implement it.
The project is aimed at developing competences of high school students in the area of teamwork, communication and creative thinking. Emitel, like in the previous edition, has challenged the participants with designing practical solutions of the city of the future.

Project teams will work under the guidance of Emitel mentors, who will support the participants in project implementation, and share their knowledge and experience, to increase chances to finalise the projects. In addition, selected high schools will work under the auspices of Emitel. Teachers from these schools will take part in unique trainings in the scope of promoting entrepreneurial attitudes among their students.

In our opinion, it is very important that young people – even before they take up studies – learn project management, effective teamwork and communication. Currently, it has become virtually impossible. The pandemic restricts social contacts, and young people need to be enabled, especially now, to implement projects together, with support from mentors sharing their knowledge and experience. Therefore, we have decided once again to sponsor Zwolnieni z Teorii, as we were truly satisfied with the effects of cooperation during the previous edition” – said Andrzej Kozłowski – President of the Board of Emitel S.A., the inspirer and patron of the action.

Zwolnieni z Teorii enjoys much popularity among young people. So far, 76 374 platform users have been registered, 2809 social projects have been implemented, and more than 26 million beneficiaries of social projects have been noted. Apart from Emitel the project is supported by companies such as: Google, ING, Allegro,, JP Morgan, Fundacja BGK, Enea, Capgemini, BNP Paribas, Dentons and many more.

The Business Continuity Management System which has been implemented at Emitel and which, together with the Information Security System, constitutes the Integrated Management System, has been deemed consistent with the requirements of ISO 22301:2012 by Alcumus ISOQAR international certification body.

The implemented Business Continuity Management System according to ISO 22301 provides numerous benefits – including identification of hazards and introduction of appropriate security measures. The Business Continuity Management System has enabled detailed analysis of key processes and the employed resources. It constitutes a framework to identify significant risk factors influencing the services rendered and maintenance of business in the most difficult conditions.

An organization with an implemented and certified Business Continuity Management System meets more requirements during tender procedures by demonstrating compliance. In addition, the obtained certificate increases trust from stakeholders and customers.

The Certificate we have obtained is a crowning achievement after many months of work, as well as external and internal consultations conducted by dedicated experts at Emitel. During project works, we organized a number of procedures and processes, adapting them to current needs of Emitel, and above all, to the requirements of the ISO Standard in question. The obtained ISO certificate in the scope of services provided by a ground RTV infrastructure, clearly defines the premium quality of our activities. I would like to thank and congratulate all people participating in the development of the Business Continuity Management System” – said Marcin Buzdygan, Security Management Bureau Director at Emitel S.A.

The certification ensures Emitel’s competitive advantage, and also confirms that Emitel has implemented business continuity solutions and procedures, corresponding to the best market standards and practices. Possession of a certificate strengthens Emitel’s credibility on the market, as a professional business entity meeting the most stringent criteria of services provision to Customers. The Certificate reassures and proves to the parties concerned (shareholders, customers, business partners) that the company has implemented all the essential tools, as well as technical and organizational measures to secure the continuity of services provided by Emitel. It also confirms adoption of a strategy concerning further improvement of the Business Continuity Management System.