Emitel, in agreement with the authorities of the Wilanów District Office has installed two modern mobile communications antenna installations in Miasteczko Wilanów. The solution has been designed with particular attention to aesthetics and harmonious fit in with the existing architectural layout of Wilanów.

The residents of Miasteczko Wilanów could observe the installation of 2 street poles, each 8 meters high. These are modern installations used for mobile communications, which, in addition to their dedicated functionalities, are also a decoration of the place where they stand. They are located at the intersection of Oś Królewska/Sarmacka Streets and at the intersection of Klimczaka/Sarmacka Streets. Emitel plans to place similar antennas in other locations.

What is the innovation and attractiveness of the mounted installations, beside integrating with the architecture of their place of installation?

Miasteczko Wilanów is constantly evolving, currently it consists of almost 37 thousand inhabitants and many developers are still carrying out their residential construction projects. There are also plans for another projects related to the development of education and culture. The development of buildings must be followed by the development of telecommunications infrastructure, all the more so as the needs and expectations of the residents themselves are increasing. For that reason, the construction of installations that will improve the availability of cellular networks in Miasteczko Wilanów is an investment which is necessary, planned and expected by the inhabitants themselves. At the same time the Wilanów District authorities pay particular attention to the installation of such solutions. They must not only meet the highest technical and safety standards but at the same time fit with their aesthetics in with the local architecture.

Each of the installations at a given location will perform the function of increasing the coverage and improving the parameters of the cellular signal, thus increasing the network capacity of all mobile operators. What does it mean in practice? This is primarily to increase the speed and availability of mobile broadband internet, – said Piotr Guziewicz – Director of the Office for Network Planning and Service Development of Emitel S.A. – This solution will also help to minimize the risk of restrictions or lack of network bandwidth that may adversely affect the comfort of use of high quality multimedia services. This applies both to mobile applications and services, as well as in particular multimedia services or media streaming services such as Youtube or Netflix. – added Piotr Guziewicz.

Residents and owners of commercial premises located on the lower floors can count on improving the availability of mobile networks within their premises.

These are not all solutions that Emitel can propose based on the infrastructure built by the Company. In the next stages, it will be possible to launch new services in the field of Smart Cities, e.g. systems improving residents’ safety, monitoring air pollution, occupancy of parking spaces, current location of public transport vehicles or the filling of waste bins.

The advantage of the solution currently tested by mobile operators, which appeared on the streets of Wilanów, is the significantly better aesthetics compared to the most commonly used solutions installed e.g. on the roofs of residential buildings. In addition, substantially smaller dimensions of the devices and structures allow them to be integrated into the existing architecture in the locations where conventional solutions are not possible. The installation shared by all mobile operators allows also to effectively reduce the number of antennas within the housing estate. What is important is that it is a completely safe solution, meeting all applicable environmental standards. It is worth noting that locating this type of installations in a residential environment means that the phones of users within their range can transmit with much less power than in the case of having to transmit to a conventional base station hundreds of meters away.

The first mobile operator has already started testing and more will start their tests in the near future. Each access point performs functions of transmitting and receiving radio signal of mobile phone networks in the 800MHz, 900MHz and optional 1800MHz bands in 3G and 4G technologies. This provides support for voice calls and mobile broadband internet. The antenna installations have been connected to the networks of mobile operators via fibre optic link. The transmitters’ power is several dozen times less than that of typical tower- or roof-mounted solutions. Similar solutions are already visible in the estates and streets of Western European cities and in the United States.


About Emitel

Emitel S.A., owned by the American fund Alinda Capital Partners, is the largest operator of terrestrial radio and television infrastructure in Poland. For over 50 years, thanks to Emitel, TV and radio signals can be received in all Polish homes. In addition to services for TV and radio broadcasters, Emitel offers high-altitude infrastructure for mobile operators, designs and installs modern wireless communication systems, participates in the creation of smart cities and is involved in the preparation of the 5G network in Poland.


Emitel, in cooperation with the Municipality of Piaseczno, designed and built a network and configured and supplied sensors for intelligent city solutions. This is another project in Emitel’s portfolio built on the basis of LoRaWAN technology.

The scope of work carried out by Emitel included the supply and commissioning of 130 sensors for remote measurement of occupancy of parking spaces in designated areas and 10 ultrasonic sensors for measuring the level of filling of baskets as well as 6 alarm flood sensors for monitoring water levels in rivers and main drainage ditches. Also, a set of sensors for environmental testing (temperature, noise level, and air humidity measurement) has been installed.

Thanks to the cooperation with Emitel, the Piaseczno Municipality has become another place on the map of Poland that deserved the name of a Smart City by using information and communication technologies to increase interactivity and efficiency of the urban infrastructure – said Daniel Putkiewicz, the Mayor of the Piaseczno Municipality. – Thanks to new technologies and the Internet of things, our municipality is able to become more citizen-friendly, better organized, and more effective in its use of the available resources – added Daniel Putkiewicz.

Emitel has extensive experience in the development of Smart City solutions. It was one of the first companies to start implementing innovative projects in cooperation with local governments. As a part of the network provided by the Company, local governments can implement solutions that improve the standard of living of their residents, help to combat environmental pollution, and find free parking spots in the city. Such a solution has been implemented in such cities as Wrocław and has brought many benefits to the residents, among others by limiting the traffic of tourist buses and, as a consequence, the emission of exhaust fumes.

According to the report of the working group for the Internet of things at the Ministry of Digitalization, in the long term, implementation of the concept of Smart Cities may constitute an important driving force for the Polish economy, bringing tangible benefits to residents, public administration units, and private businesses – said Maciej Staszak, the Vice-President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A. – I am extremely pleased that Emitel has solutions that significantly contribute to the development of cities in Poland through the use of new technologies and to growing trust in the Internet of things – added Maciej Staszak.

Wysoka – gmina Leśnica

Do zbycia przeznaczona jest część nieruchomości wraz z zabudowaniami (grunt o pow. ok. 5000 m2, budynek pow. użytkowa 1169 m2). Nieruchomość zlokalizowana jest w odległości około 2 km od centrum miejscowości oraz około 5 km od miejscowości Leśnica, gdzie znajduje się centrum administracyjne gminy z obiektami użyteczności publicznej

Nieruchomość zabudowana jest budynkiem technicznym – o powierzchni użytkowej – 1 169 m2

Teren do sprzedaży zostanie wyodrębniony geodezyjnie.
W sąsiedztwie nieruchomości przeznaczonej do sprzedaży funkcjonuje obiekt nadawczy.
Przedmiotowa nieruchomość posiada regularny kształt zbliżony do prostokąta. Dojazd do nieruchomości odbywa się drogą asfaltową od strony miejscowości Wysoka. Teren nieruchomości częściowo utwardzony (wjazd oraz ciągi piesze i plac przed budynkiem. Działka ogrodzona stalową siatką na betonowej podmurówce.
Budynek jednokondygnacyjny, podpiwniczony, wybudowany w technologii tradycyjnej. Fundamenty betonowe, ściany murowane z cegły. Budynek otynkowany tynkiem na zaprawie cementowo-wapiennej. Stropy żelbetowe, ogniotrwałe. Dach płaski kryty papą. Schody zewnętrzne betonowe oblicowane terakotą. Drzwi wejściowe do budynku i bramy garażowe metalowe.

Pomieszczenia usytuowane w piwnicy oraz na parterze budynku. Standard wykończenia: podłogi – szlichta betonowa, wykładzina ceramiczna, wykładzina dywanowa, ściany – tynki cementowo-wapienne, malowane. W części komunikacyjnej podwieszane sufity z oświetleniem rastrowym. Stolarka okienna PCV, okratowana, stolarka drzwiowa wewnętrzna typowa, częściowo przeszklona. Grzejniki żeliwne, żeberkowe, w części pomieszczeń metalowe, płytowe.

Budynek wyposażony w instalacje:

  • elektryczną
  • wodno-kanalizacyjną
  • c.o.
  • przeciwpożarową

W planie zagospodarowania przestrzennego sołectwa Wysoka nieruchomość położona jest na terenie o oznaczeniu w planie IT (tereny urządzeń radiokomunikacji) oraz R (tereny użytków rolnych – uprawy polowe i użytki rolne zielone), na terenie Parku Krajobrazowego „Góra Świętej Anny”.

Niniejsze ogłoszenie nie stanowi oferty w rozumieniu kodeksu cywilnego.
Zainteresowanych nabyciem (lub wydzierżawieniem nieruchomości) prosimy o kontakt mailowy lub telefoniczny – tel. 508 197 370

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