The overhaul of the antenna system at the RCN Lublin/Piaski facility is nearly completed. After the completion of works, the terrestrial television system will be broadcasted according to the specification from before the overhaul. The modernisation works, which were halted during the election campaign, should be concluded no later than on 30 October.

Due to the necessity of concluding the modernisation works of the television antenna system at the RTCN Lublin/Piaski facility, commenced in August 2019, it will be necessary to switch the MUX-1, MUX-2 and MUX-3 digital terrestrial television multiplex signal to the alternate antenna system. This can cause a reduction in the strength of the broadcast signals in some areas of the Lubuskie Voivodeship. The works schedule was agreed upon with the terrestrial television broadcasters. The conclusion of the overhaul, which due to the on-going election campaign and the necessity of maintaining the broadcast was halted earlier, is planned for 30 October 2019. Due to the fact that some viewers in Chełm and surrounding areas experienced problems with the terrestrial television signal receipt, Emitel has launched for the time of the works additional broadcasts strengthening the signal of digital multiplexes from the 90 metre SLR Kumowa Dolina tower.

The RTCN Lublin/Piaski Radio and Television Broadcasting Centre is broadcasting radio and television programs for approx. 1.2 million residents of the Lubuskie Voivodeship.

The on-going overhaul is technically very complex, among others, due to the specialist works at heights. The current antennae have broadcasted the signals for the Lubuskie Voivodeship residents for over 30 years, providing firstly an analogue and then digital television signal. The periodical maintenance and modernisation of devices at all broadcasting facilities allows for eliminating the risk of serious failures and loss of the ability to receive UKF and DVB-T television broadcasts, and thus for maintaining the highest quality of services provided.

By the decision of the Jury of the 9th edition of the Competition, Emitel has won the Trustworthy Employer title in the “Internship Programmes” category. The competition is organised by the Polish Chamber of Commerce. The award was presented yesterday during a ceremonial gala in Warsaw.

Emitel received an award for its internship programme for secondary school and technical university students, linked to the company’s core business. The programme is addressed to graduates and students of the final years of technical studies related to telecommunications and broadcasting. The internship programmes available at Emitel provide opportunities for future potential employees to learn about the specific nature of work and to get hands-on experience with specific tasks.

The internship programs offered by Emitel are one of the best ways to get to know the company and to approach the competence areas in which a future potential employee would like to develop from a practical standpoint. The internship programme is not only about shadowing other employees or performing the simplest jobs – instead, we entrust our interns with actual tasks that they carry out with the support of a mentor, but they are fully responsible for their performance”, says Jerzy Godek, Director of the Technology Division and Member of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

Participants of the internship programmes at Emitel have the opportunity to have a direct closer look at the functioning of the company, receive support from a dedicated internship supervisor and to get in touch with experts employed in our company, who can offer their support in the scope of their skills and knowledge, which we believe constitutes a necessary foundation for the future careers of our interns. Due to the fact that our interns are usually students nearing their graduation, the company offers a flexible approach and takes into account their individual needs, adjusting the internship schedule to their expectations and capabilities. The internship takes place on the basis of a fully paid commission contract. In addition, the company fully covers all training and qualifications required for the intern to perform a given professional role and carry out all the necessary tasks.

The “Trustworthy Employer” competition is based on an idea initiated in 2009 by the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the “Poland: Now” Polish Promotional Programme Foundation. The main aim of the competition is to recognise and promote responsible policy in the area of human capital management. This year, seven awards were presented, received by Żabka, PwC, Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, PGE and Poczta Polska. In addition, two journalists received special distinctions: Anna Popek from Telewizja Polska S.A. and Michał Dobrołowicz from RMF FM.

The title of Trustworthy Employer is awarded to organisations that offer modern, interesting and effective solutions to employees in the field of human resources, taking into account their professional development and protection of their rights. Awards are granted in several categories: internship programmes, volunteering, motivation, education, health, safety and accessible companies.

Emitel has successfully completed the implementation of a new TV platform for Orange Polska. The new platform was built on the basis of state-of-the-art technological and hardware IPTV and OTT solutions. Emitel is a partner of Orange Polska, who has been supporting the provider in the field of TV services since 2006.

Emitel has provided maintenance services for the IPTV platform used by Orange in recent years. The fruitful collaboration between the two partners led Orange to choose Emitel as the provider of a new solution. The implementation of the new IPTV/OTT platform took 8 months and was preceded by an in-depth analysis of the changing market trends and the needs of the provider. In line with its strategy, Orange focuses on building value, service convergence and fibre optic investments. The Orange Love offer is currently geared towards developing new packages for customers looking for better TV content, hence the need to expand the TV platform.

I’m glad that we could once again prove that Emitel is ready to satisfy our client’s needs and successfully accomplish the ambitious task set by Orange. In this project, the key aspect was understanding the needs of the provider and offering a solution that would be in line with global trends, allowing them to quickly respond to their customers’ needs. This would not have been possible without outstanding competencies of our team members, as well as long-term and fruitful collaboration with Orange,” – said Maciej Staszak, Vice-President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

Global trends show that IPTV is currently the only pay-TV segment to record steady and dynamic growth. Orange’s TV offer is highly liked by Polish audiences – as of now, it is used by more than 972,000 customers, and the share of IPTV users is constantly growing. The launch of the new platform will enable Orange to further develop its services for subscribers and better match its offer to the increasingly competitive TV market in Poland.

The solutions provided by Emitel enable us to offer a broad range of new services to our customers. Thanks to Multirecorder they will never miss their favourite film ever again, and the new, better Orange TV Go app lets them watch TV wherever and whenever they like to. We can also provide signal that better fits the connection that the customer has. We are constantly striving to make our TV offer as attractive as possible,” said Ewelina Rabsztyn, TV and Content Director at Orange Polska.

Understanding how important the IPTV/OTT services are for the provider, Emitel made every effort to ensure that each of the functionalities of the new platform conforms with the most stringent requirements. In order to make sure that Orange Polska’s programming offer is in line with the ever-changing needs of its subscribers, the new platform is flexible and enables users to freely take advantage of its capacity and configuration of service parameters. The headend is ready for delivering more than 230 IPTV and OTT services in SD, HD and UHD quality. The implemented solution fulfils the needs of today’s market, but also creates opportunities for further development and growth, along with the growing demand of the provider. The responsibility for the maintenance of the new platform and its monitoring falls squarely on the shoulders of Emitel’s technical staff. As part of the service provided, Emitel also provides terrestrial signal retransmission to the headend, as well as maintenance of TV playouts and EPG services.

For years, Emitel has been developing its competencies in the field of TV services. Of course, we are better known as a digital terrestrial television provider, but we also have extensive experience in the field of IPTV and development of OTT services. I am fairly certain that thanks to our extensive experience in maintaining complex TV solutions, we will fulfil Orange’s expectations regarding the reliability of the new platform. In order to ensure the highest security and availability of the headend, our project also envisions geographical redundancy. The backup solution will be ready to operate at any time,” said Jerzy Godek, Member of the Management Board for Technology at Emitel S.A.

About Emitel
Emitel S.A., a subsidiary of Alinda Capital Partners, is the largest operator of terrestrial radio and television infrastructure in Poland. For more than 50 years, Emitel has made sure that television and radio broadcasts can be received in all Polish homes. Apart from services for television and radio broadcasters, Emitel offers at-height infrastructure for mobile operators, designs and installs modern wireless communication systems, participates in the development of smart cities and gets involved in the preparation for the construction of 5G network in Poland.