Eurozet Radio Sp. z o.o. and Emitel S.A. have concluded a new ten-year contract for the provision of transmission and broadcasting services of “Antyradio” radio station in selected areas of Poland.

Antyradio is the largest and longest-running rock radio station in Poland. It uses 16 transmitters covering the largest Polish cities. The radio station is famous for its uncompromising approach to reality and strong personalities presented on air. The programme of the station is addressed to all those who follow their own path and do not conform to the mainstream pop culture. The station was established in 2005 as a result of the merger of Radio 94 (Warsaw) with Radio Flash (Katowice). It offers a whole spectrum of the best Polish and foreign rock music – from classics to noteworthy new releases – as well as repertoire ranging from reggae to hard rock. Apart from music, Antyradio devotes a lot of space to the automotive industry and stigmatisation of the absurdities of the surrounding reality. Since 2007, the station has been part of the Eurozet Group.

The new agreement between Emitel S.A. and Eurozet Radio Sp. z o. o. maintains the existing scope of services. It was concluded for the entire ten-year term of the broadcasting license and concerns 10 broadcasting stations. Like in the case of the contract concerning Radio ZET, the cooperation has been extended to include new elements that will provide broadcasters with additional security of the transmitting and broadcasting network. In the event of a malfunction, Emitel guarantees, among other things, backup equipment and alternative broadcasting stations for the duration of planned maintenance and repair breaks. From now on, the full technical responsibility for signal transmission and its broadcasting based on all the Operator’s own equipment will rest with the Operator.
The agreement enters into force on the 1st of December 2018.

Emitel has been awarded the prestigious title of Trustworthy Employer in the Safety category, which we won in the 8th edition of the “Trustworthy Employer” Competition. The Competition is organised by the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the “Poland: Now” Polish Promotional Programme Foundation, with its main objective being promoting responsible labour and social policies, in line with European standards among employers. The “Trustworthy Employer” title is awarded to organisations which use effective and efficient solutions in their labour policies, taking into account the professional development of their staff and securing their rights.

Apart from Emitel, the list of this year’s laureates of the Competition included companies such as Kapsch Telematic Services, Leroy Merlin Polska, Benefit Systems, Lux Med and Volkswagen Polska. On behalf of Emitel, the Trustworthy Employer statuette was received yesterday by Aleksander Skołożyński – Director of the Finance Division and Member of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

More information about the Competition and its laureates can be found at

Emitel S.A. and Radio WNET Sp. z o.o. have signed a 10-year contract for broadcasting and transmission of Radio WNET programme in Krakow and Warsaw.

Launching the transmitters means that Radio WNET will expand its digital broadcasting activities on the Internet with analogue broadcasting over the airwaves. Established in 2009, the radio station existed as an online radio broadcaster and a social network, with only some of their broadcasts being rebroadcast by other traditional radio stations. Now, Radio WNET will be able to broadcast its own programme on its own frequencies in the former and present capital of Poland.

“This is an important juncture for us, since from the very beginning we knew that sooner or later we would broadcast in FM technology. The nine years that we spent working on the Internet equipped us with the experience necessary to face the challenge of FM broadcasting. We hope to be able to increase the number of our transmitters in the future,” says Krzysztof Skowroński, co-founder and President of the Management Board of Radio WNET.

The ten-year agreement concluded between Emitel S.A. and Radio WNET Sp. z o.o. is the first joint venture of both companies.

“We are looking forward to the development of cooperation with our new Client and we are going to support them in all their efforts to increase the licensed broadcasting power in the future. We are happy that Radio WNET chose Emitel as an experienced and proven provider of radio and communication services,” says Andrzej Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A

WNET Radio transmitters in Warsaw and Krakow will be launched on the 10th of November at 6:18 p.m. The radio station announced that the first broadcast will start on the 11th of November at 11:11 a.m.

Emitel S.A. was awarded the title of Trustworthy Employer in the Safety category, which is yet another distinction won by the company for its focus on employees and social policy in national competitions. The new title will be added to other prizes and accolades won by Emitel, including two Reliable Employer titles, the title of an Employer Favourable to Employees, as well as Employer Favourable to Employees Aged 50+.

Out of concern for the safety of the company’s employees, Emitel organises training courses teaching them safe driving techniques, equips workplaces with automatic defibrillators and blood pressure measuring stations, trains employees in first aid, finances flu and tick-borne encephalitis vaccinations, conducts educational campaigns by organising OHS Weeks and publishing OHS Bulletins.

“All our activities in the field of employee safety are aimed at every age group, which fits well with the idea that taking care of health and safety at the very beginning of one’s professional career gives one a better chance to safely reach the finish line. The fact that Emitel employees share the opinion of the Trustworthy Employer competition jury is evidenced by the average tenure in our company, which amounts to 19 years”, said Aleksander Skołożyński, Member of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

The company offers its employees attractive employment conditions and development opportunities, particularly in its current areas of activity – “projects of the future” such as building smart cities and the Internet of Things. These are projects that create space for unleashing creativity and innovation of employees, who can turn their curiosity of the world into concrete actions and projects.

“We appreciate and respect the talent and commitment of our employees, making every effort to make full use of their potential. We attach great importance to the quality equipment used by our employees working at heights, as well as to the relevant procedures and proper training courses observed and used by all of our workers. We install equipment increasing driving safety in our company vehicles”, says Aleksander Skołożyński.

The Trustworthy Employer Competition is an initiative proposed by the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the “Poland: Now” Polish Promotional Programme Foundation. The award has been presented for 9 years now. Its main objective is promoting responsible labour and social policies, in line with European standards among employers. The title is given to institutions which use effective and efficient solutions in their labour policies, taking into account the professional development of their staff and ensuring their rights.

Eurozet Radio Sp. z o.o. and Emitel S.A. have concluded a new ten-year contract for the provision of transmission and broadcasting services of “Radio ZET” radio programme across Poland. Radio Zet is one of the pioneering organisations transforming radio broadcasting in Poland.

The first broadcasts took place in 1990 in Warsaw. Thanks to the extension of their broadcasting licence to include the whole Polish territory, in 1994 Radio Zet started broadcasting in many new areas, taking advantage of the unique technical infrastructure provided by Emitel. The previous agreement between the companies was effective from January 2013. By signing a new ten-year contract, Eurozet decided to go with a reliable technical partner with the greatest experience on the Polish radio services market, which guarantees the highest quality of service. The cooperation will enable the achievement of business objectives of the radio and creating the best programming offer for the listeners of Radio Zet.

“The radio sector in Poland is doing great. In the era of ever-changing technology, the growing popularity of streaming services and mobile market, which we consistently take advantage of, the FM signal still remains the most popular source for the audiences thanks to the enormous number of receivers. That is why it is important for us, as one of the market leaders, that the quality and range of FM Radio ZET signal are as good as possible. The new contract concluded with Emitel will enable us to maintain the high quality level of our broadcasts,” says Andrzej Matuszyński, CEO of the Eurozet Group.

The new contract was concluded between the parties for a ten-year period of the new broadcasting license. It covers broadcasts from 55 Emitel broadcasting stations across Poland. The cooperation has been extended to include new elements, which will provide the broadcaster with additional security of the broadcasting network. In the event of possible failures and malfunctions, Radio Zet will have backup equipment and alternative broadcasting facilities at its disposal at all times for the duration of planned maintenance and repair downtime. Full technical responsibility for signal transmission and its broadcasting based on the Operator’s own devices will be assumed by Emitel. Thanks to this solution, the broadcaster will be able to focus on preparing the best possible programming offer for the audience. The new contract also includes the possibility of presenting multimedia content of the Eurozet Group on a hybrid TV platform on Multiplex 8 of terrestrial television, operated by Emitel.

“I am glad that the Eurozet Group has decided to go with Emitel’s services for the next 10 years. This mutual trust, which we have been building and fostering for a long time has resulted in a much broader scope of cooperation, which was described in the new contract. Radio Zet focuses on continuous growth in Poland and I am pleased that Emitel can support one of our key clients in these efforts,” said Andrzej Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

In Koszalin, Emitel has just commissioned a backup Supervision and Control Centre of GMDSS – global maritime distress and safety system. The back-up centre is equipped with the highest quality radio-communication system, just like the main facility located in Jarosławiec, and should the need ever arise, it will be able to take over all the tasks required by the GMDSS.


The centre in Jarosławiec has been operating for 27 years without a single failure to date; however, Emitel has decided to bolster the current system and infrastructure, which resulted in the commissioning of a back-up centre in Koszalin. The Polish maritime communication system, operated by Emitel, is considered to be one of the best in the world. It has been saving seamen both in Polish territorial waters, as well as outside them, for which the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation has often received words of gratitude from our foreign partners.

The staff of the GMDSS Supervision and Control Centre consists of ten people, including seven women. “It’s no wonder, since we sometimes have to play the role of psychologists. I recall the night when I received a signal from a sailor on the Red Sea, he was in a very bad emotional state. I talked to him throughout the entire twelve hours of my shift, while listening for anyone else who might be calling for help. Luckily he managed to reach the port. Later, he sent me his thanks”, said Beata Nowak, Manager of the Jarosławiec Centre and long-time system operator.

All employees of the Centre have a long very long experience in this role – 28 years on average, but there are also those who have been keeping their watchful eye on the safety of sailors for as many as 40 years. “You cannot simply come here and expect to be able to work straight away. Young, inexperienced employees who have not yet learned all the procedures often start to panic when they hear the call for help. Staying calm is paramount, because there are people at sea who are overwhelmed with emotions and only staying calm can save them. I can already sense the seriousness of a situation from the tone of voice of the sailors calling for help,” says Beata Nowak.

GMDSS operators are like flight controllers. They must be vigilant and on standby all the time – this job requires people to be able to divide their attention and to have attentive ears – you never know whether you are going to receive another distress call while talking to some sailors in dire need of assistance. The infrastructure and operation of the system is not cheap, but safety has its costs.

Emitel is a member of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) and therefore actively participates in the development of new technologies and has the necessary know-how to implement them. In March this year, the operator started testing VDES – a data exchange system based on VHF radio communication between vessels, coastal stations and satellites in Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) – and invited the  Marine Search and Rescue Services to participate in these tests. This system will soon be introduced as a data transmission standard and will be systematically implemented worldwide. Emitel has already invested in technical solutions, has launched the system in its own laboratory and is ready to start testing.

On the 1st of August this year. President Andrzej Duda signed the Act on the National Cyber Security System as a response to the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union concerning measures for a high common level of security of network and information systems across the Union. The Directive states the obligations, which need to be fulfilled in order to ensure the cyber security of information systems in service sectors of key importance for the country and its citizens. Therefore, Emitel has implemented a system for detecting cyber-threats in maritime communications and carrying out analyses of security incidents. The SIEM-class solution employed by Emitel is an advanced analytical tool that provides automatic, near real-time response to threats. Thanks to this solution, the security measures are fully compliant with legal requirements and guarantee the reliability and stability of the services provided. The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate awarded to the operator serves as a proof of the company’s commitment to information security of our partners and a guarantee of confidentiality, availability and integrity of the services provided, as well as setting a new standard in Poland.