International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse – in short IALA is an international organization that brings together national institutions responsible for nautical navigation, producers, distributors or consultants in the field of navigational aids. During the meeting of the IALA Council, which took place at the end of May in South Korea, Emitel was admitted to the group of associated companies and institutions. Membership in the organization is a great distinction.

Radiocommunication is a specific field of telecommunications, consisting of radio communication with ships on the seas and oceans of the world. One of the most important functions of this communication is to provide safe navigation and help in life-threatening situations. In Poland, Emitel has been performing these functions for many years, providing a unique radiocommunication infrastructure and support for certified radio operators.

Currently, Emitel has 9 transceiver stations located along the entire Polish coast. With the help of these stations, the modern communication center in Jarosławiec, known as “Witowo Radio”, maintains communication with ships sailing in the Baltic Sea, provides assistance in the event of a threat to human life, transmits navigational warnings and medical advice.

“We treat services provided by maritime radiocommunication with the utmost care because they serve to ensure safety and protect the lives of people at sea. Our long-term cooperation with the Maritime Search and Rescue Service confirms that we are a trustworthy partner. Access to the rich source of IALA knowledge will allow us to develop additional competences in this area and to perform our duties even better, “said Maciej Staszak, Vice President of the Management Board of the Company.

Membership in an organization means many benefits. IALA is an organization that is piloting the development and implementation of digital radiocommunications, which is necessary for the creation of e-navigation services. The implementation of digital communications also opens up the possibility of implementing many other maritime communication services, including those related to the global maritime security system (GMDSS). Emitel will gain access to the results of the work of this organization’s teams, can follow the development trends on an ongoing basis, which will allow testing and offering the latest maritime radio products to customers.

Due to the fact that the health and life of people depends on the efficiency of the devices, the quality of their service and speed of reaction, tasks related to maritime radiocommunication take a special place in Emitel’s operations.

Emitel has published the Corporate Social Resposibility Report for 2017. It is the first document of its kind developed by the Company, which presents the most important undertakings and initiatives that Emitel undertook in the field of social responsibility. The company joins the group of companies that regularly publish reports on corporate social responsibility.

The report describes activities such in the field of environmental protection management as well as initiatives undertaken for employees in the Company in 2017. A lot of solutions and practices have been conducted in the company for many years, now they have been collected and described in one document so that the company’s clients, partners and employees could read them easily. The company’s business activities cover the entire territory of Poland, which is why Emitel attaches great importance to building good relations with local communities – in the report, the Company also refers to these issues.

“Reporting activities in the field of CSR should be a constant element of communication of companies with the external environment. Although for many years Emitel has been conducting a number of activities in the field of social responsibility, so far there has been no publication summarizing what exactly we are doing. I am proud that Emitel joins the group of companies that present the implemented projects and CSR initiatives in a transparent manner. The report also presents activities targeted at our employees. Creating a friendly and attractive workplace is one of our priorities. “- said Andrzej Kozłowski – President of the Management Board Emitel S.A.

The scope of activities undertaken by Emitel is very wide. In search of further areas for social activities, the company is still looking for non-standard solutions. The publication is not a one-off event, the Company intends to present a similar summary every year in the form of an annual report.