is the leading terrestrial

broadcast network

operator in Poland

EmiTel provides distribution and contribution services of Television signals.

Our fiber optic and microwave links based network can provide connection to almost any location in the country to carry TV signals in various configurations (to broadcast stations, TV studios, etc). As a technical operator of digital terrestrial television network we provide broadcasting services covering Poland by DVB-T signal (MUX-1, MUX-2 and MUX-3). We also provide advanced solutions and consulting services on DVB-T/T2, HbbTV, IPTV, ENG/OB and network planning services.

EmiTel provides nation-wide radio services, including signal transmission for contribution (studio to studio connection) and distribution (studio to customer) and terrestrial broadcasting in analogue (AM, FM) and digital (DAB+) formats.

We offer the most modern wireless and multimedia solutions.

EmiTel's experience in audio/video signal processing and telecommunications let us provide various unique services combining wired and wireless transmission. We operate high availability data transmission network, designed mostly for multimedia signals, that can be used to provide IP services to our customers.


The EmiTel infrastructure is composed of high-rise structures: masts, towers and buildings located all over Poland, and designed to accommodate RF communication devices. The EmiTel portfolio enables all Customers who plan to use RF devices to lease slots available on these infrastructure facilities.