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Social responsibility

In doing business, we do not forget about the people around us. We operate in many locations across Poland. Therefore keeping good relations with local communities through, among others, charity, sponsoring local events, and environmental protection, is our priority.

As part of corporate social responsibility, we adopt an ethical approach to relations with our customers and business partners. Emitel’s standards include timely settlements, caring about the quality of the provided services, and monitoring and effectively addressing all remarks reported to the company. We ensure top-quality customer service and the best possible relations with business partners.

In our social engagement, we do not limit ourselves to one-off charity activities for a given organization. For a few years we have actively supported hospitals, clinics, and foundations. We know what it means to lack the funds to renovate a gym for disabled children or have no safe playground. We help as much as we can and we want to continue to do it. We have supported, among others, the following organizations: Fundacja Polsat, Fundacja Anny Dymnej “Mimo Wszystko”, Fundacja “Zdążyć z Pomocą”, which received aid for treatment and rehabilitation of disabled children, Fundacja Pomocy Osobom Niepełnosprawnym in Stróże, which has received aid for building a Rehabilitation Center, and Polski Komitet Zwalczania Raka, which has received aid for treatment and rehabilitation of children.

We are happy that by performing business tasks, we can participate in extraordinary events. Therefore we are proud of our cooperation with Fundacja “Wioski Dziecięce” and Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy.

For many years we have actively participated in the “Szlachetna Paczka” campaign, which we support not only financially, but also by providing concrete help for families in need. The parcels prepared by Emitel employees have been delivered to 18 families across Poland.

We regularly support Polish Fire Department, local sport clubs, and schools.

We are not indifferent to environmental protection. In our business, we use energy-saving materials and environmentally friendly solutions. We regularly assess the environmental impact of our business. Compliance with all environmental protection standards is our priority.

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